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Internet marketing solutions

Internet technology has contribute to achieving the company's business goals, for example:

  • Increased sales volumes
  • Customer service improvement
  • Improved efficiency of employees
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased company's visibility

We will help you to reach these goals with complicate web portal integrated with specific logic of particular business industry.
Customers self-service web portals integrated in common Enterprise Resources Planning system with automatic customers (B2C and B2B) service in the internet are becoming more popular. Proof of our qualification is developed customers self-service portal which is extension of rental software PreferRent.
This IT solution at annual Latvian Information and communication technologies association organized conference was granted with "Platinum Mouse 2009" award in category "Business development and e-commerce".

Companies invest in web portal development considerable resources and hopes to get a real, tangible and measurable benefits from it- new customers, higher revenues, more sales to existing customers, improved customer satisfaction.
Does web site gives any benefit for the company? If answer on such question is important for you, then web statistic provided by Google Analytics gives you possibility to know how often is visited your web site and how often is seen every section on this web. That will help you to conclude if web site reach your expectations and objectives.

If you have made already web portal but it does not reach your expectations, the reason could be that your web page is unknown for potential auditory. Then may be is necessity to optimize the content and the structure of your web site to be more visible in internet search engines. Our specialists have significant experience in SEO (search engine optimization).

After web portal will be developed you receive Content management system for web site content maintenance and replenishment with new sections, texts, pictures and so on. So maintain content in different languages.

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