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QlikView is business intelligence – data analysis system for loading and combining data in a single environment and dynamic data analyze in easy and intuitive way. This system enables combine data from various and different information systems, data bases and data sources: Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV, Skala, Tilde, 1C, Horizon, Kentaurs Pro, Ankravs, Ozols, Microsoft SQL, My SQL, Microsoft Office Access, OLAP cubs, Oracle, Microsoft Office Excel, XML etc. QlikView has become the fastest growing business data analytic platform in the world because of unique data loading and processing technologies used in this system.

  • QlikView ensures fast investment return due to short implementation time which in a 50% of all projects is less than 1 month;
  • 80% of all projects are successfully implemented in 3 months;
  • 96% of all customers are satisfied with QlikView;
  • QlikView enables users to choose necessary data level of detail;
  • Necessary changes in reports and data analytics could be done just in a few minutes

QlikView offers:

  • Analyze company's financial statements, create data analytics;
  • Consolidate business indicators from several but associated companies in one single environment;
  • Analyze sales indicators and trends;
  • Modeling and analyzing possible impact from various business activities characterizing processes;
  • Analyze manufacturing ( quality and planning);
  • Inventory management (logistic and supply analyze) and so on.

Be operative and try QlikView to analyze the processes!

"ERP PRO" offers to develop and adjust data analytic solution for you in QlikView free of charge, giving you possibility to ascertain high performance and broad range of application of the QlikView. Thus you will have possibility to try the unique, user’s friendly data analysis system QlikView before making decision about investment in such kind of business data analytic systems.


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