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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX (previously known as AXAPTA) is multifunctional ERP system which assist us in management of enterprise resources planning for middle and big companies. System is adapted according the legislation of Republic of Latvia.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is based on single concept and technological software: Microsoft ensures direct integration with standard office tools and significantly reduce resources needed for employees education and improve overall productivity.

This system helps many managers in the world to take strategic decisions and implement them. Microsoft Dynamics AX is chosen by more than 12 000 companies in 100 countries.

Microsoft Dynamics AX solution ensure the best ROI between ERP systems. Studies have shown that 75% of investments in this system returns in 2 years.

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides the following areas:

  • Financial management (general ledger, wages, inventories, creditors, debtors, banking management, public service support, cost accounting, inter-company (affiliate) accounting and consolidation);
  • Manufacturing;
  • Sales and marketing;
  • Project management;
  • Supply chain management;
  • Service management;
  • Personnel management;
  • Business analyzes and reports;
  • Compliance management;
  • Purchasing and sales management;
  • Collaborative space;
  • Mobility.

Choosing Microsoft Dynamics AX you will get comprehensive system which is functional and easy adjustable for your company's specific needs.

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