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Software and hardware rent (SaaS)

ERP PRO, Ltd in close cooperation with Microsoft and other partners offers reduce significantly initial investments in IT infrastructure, renting just necessary IT resources. Such kind of service is particularly advantageous for company with seasonal impact or start-up company, or company which implements new IT system.

This service includes rent possibility for any Microsoft product.

Why buy when you can rent?
Entrepreneurs are already accustomed to rent when it necessary office premises, cars, instruments etc. It is still unusual to rent server resources and software, but it is a future- we just need to overcome our prejudices.

Software as a service or SaaS in simple explanation is software and for its functioning necessary server capacity rental. SaaS is a software supply method which provides access to software and its functioning as a WEB service remotely. This allows you to access important business functionality at a lower initial cost than buying licenses because software rent costs by month forms from really used IT resources in particular month.

Customer hasn't need to invest huge initial resources in technical assets, server software, server maintenance, security solutions because we offer single sign-on service SaaS.

Main advantages of SaaS:

  • Lower initial investments in IT resource
  • Lower IT resource support costs
  • IT resource flexibility and scalability

The main properties of license rental:

  • through the internet-based access and management of software
  • centrally managed software
  • SaaS maintenance model relies on a separate network for each instance of the lessee, it means that they are each separate
  • security solutions (backup frequency, user authorization etc.) are personalized for each customer under its specific requirements.

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