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Metal fabricating

There are many specific problems in the metal fabrication industry that cannot solve usual out of the box ERP systems.

Some of them are:

  • Different metal composition and proportion in a prepared alloy that impacts its chemical and physical properties.
  • Quality control and certification process.
  • Lot tracking and production process control.
  • Metal pouring from several furnaces into one or many moulds.
  • Production reuse of byproducts and scrap, leaved after main product fabrication and of course huge problem is costing calculation in all these processes.

In our solution we had solved all these and many others problems, associated with metal fabrication industry. The solution is made on a Microsoft Dynamics base.


  • Finished and byproduct costing
  • Production process and quality control
  • Material purchasing by JIT (Just-in-time) methodology
  • Increase of concurrency CRM (customer relationship management
  • Transport planning before production started
  • Enterprise management best practices
  • Increase of profit
  • Decrease of costs

Enterprise solution functionality:  

  • Purchased material certification:
  • Dynamic production:  
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Supervising module:
  • Full Tracking (Materials, lots, vendors, human resources, work centers)
  • Certification
  • Costing (Main product and byproduct costing calculation)
  • Planning module
  • Integration with CNC machines
  • Service module
  • Discrepancy management:
  • Human resource and manufacturing facilities analysis
  • Production-to-Order possibility with customer defined requirements ( mechanical requirements, certificates, additional processing)
  • Technical documentation linking (Drawings, 3D models, PDF, Excel, etc)
  • Transport planning module


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