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The transport registering and managing solution offers efficient tools to automate processing of transport orders and control their fulfilment, as well as register and analyze costs, for instance, costs of fuel. It allows arranging the process and decreasing dependence on the human factor. By using the transport registering and managing solution, enterprise will have a convenient, intuitive-to-use Microsoft Windows user's environment enabling efficient management of logistics and transporting services, thus considerably increasing the efficiency and scope of the work done by the employees.

Management and Inventory of Car Park

Management and inventory of car park allows fast and easy registration and control of information related to the car park and technical matters of the enterprise:


  • Analysis of transport costs;
  • Reduction of transport costs (20% and more);
  • Considerably shorter freight delivery deadlines;
  • Faster process for receiving information;
  • Improved customer service;
  • Automatic preparation of the route;
  • Calculation of the total length and duration of the route;
  • Optimization of the routes (JS Latvija;
  • Creation of the routes in a convenient and ergonomic environment;
  • Fast and accurate freight delivery;
  • Route traceability;Optimal planning, usage, and load of transport resources;
  • Choice of the type and kind of the transport according to the requirements and needs of the client;
  • Reservation of vehicles for a definite route and date;
  • Planning of transportation process along with warehouse and manufacturing processes.

Fleet operations

Fleet management provides a quick and easy way to register and control all information related to the company's fleet and technical issues:

  • Registration and technical data, also visual information (photos), if necessary;
  • Classification of vehicles according to their tonnage categories and allowed freight load;
  • Groups, types of vehicles (refrigerator, TERMO, etc.)
  • Parameters of vehicles: capacity (kg - m³ - units - pallets), length (m), lift;
  • Planned and unplanned repair and used spare parts, photos of damages, if necessary;
  • Technical service, permissions, insurance and other documents of legal character;
  • Fuel consumption;
  • Inventory of tires;
  • Registration of motor hours and kilometrage;
  • Planning of service;
  • Drawing of waybills (for internal needs, for tax calculation purposes);
  • Planning of budget for the car park.

Possibilities: Route Management, Price Contracts, Transport Deeds, Solution Integration, Route Planning, Route Settings.

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