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Warehouse Accounting and Management solution is an effective tool for warehouse process automation and monitoring,as well as for cost accounting and analysis. It allows optimising warehouse processes and diminishing the dependence on human factor.The company will benefit from the intuitive Microsoft Windows user environment which allows an effective management of logistics process by significantly increasing the efficiency and capabilities of employees.
The solution can be used in a warehouse of any size – in a small shop and in a big distribution centre or product warehouse of any kind. In a small shop automatization can be done by „paper" work technologies. Implementing automatization in big warehouse complex where is required management of human and resorces in real time regime, hand held scanners mobile solution is used.


  • optimizes the use of warehouse space
  • improves the quality of the provided logistics services and customer services
  • reduces the goods storage costs
  • warehouse operations take less time
  • goods accounting is more accurate
  • avoids loss of products for the reason of overdue expira tion dates
  • Reduces the effect of human factor in error making.

The Solution's Functional and Warehouse Management Configuration Features

The system allows accounting of any number of warehouses and zones, providing accurate information about stock balances, locations, expiration dates, batch/lot numbers of any stored product at any time.

  • Receipt of Goods and Planning
  • Labelling of Excise Goods (movement and control)
  • Placement of Goods in a Warehouse (in accordance with ABC classification)
  • Assembly of Orders
  • Barcodes (The system maintains barcodes of goods, palettes, locations and storage places)
  • Stock Taking (The system has several warehouse stocktaking features)
  • Indicator-Based Service Accounting (KPI)
  • Management and Control of Warehouse Assignments

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