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Wood and timber processing

ERP PRO, Ltd experience in development of wood processing solution is based on Business management system Microsoft Dynamics AX implemented in companies of this industry, which has been modernized and expanded according customer's requirements on regular basis.

The forest and timber branch solution provides the following benefits:

  • Tracing of all forest processing stages in a single system;
  • Calculation of full prime cost by processing stages;
  • Modern, flexible and easy to expand solution based on Microsoft Dynamics technologies;
  • Integration of digital maps and GPS data into a single solution;
  • Precise and complete calculation of costs enabling an enterprise to improve its efficiency and economic indicators.

 The solution includes the following modules:

  • Accountancy and financial calculations with specific waybills,
  • Overviews and reports,
  • Inventory of forest resources,
  • Management of relationships with log suppliers,
  • Procurement and sales of timber,
  • Transport of timber,
  • Log inventory by loading points,
  • Timber cutting,
  • Saw mills.

The solution contains the following particularly valuable functions:

  • Accounting and analysis of timber sales,
  • Planning, inventory and analysis of transport,
  • Management of contacts of log suppliers.

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